Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to Skip the Broker with Online Load Boards

By connecting auto rental companies direct to carriers, load boards allow companies to compare vehicle shipping rates and put out bids to get the best price in relocating their vehicles.
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Photo from © Joe_PotatoAn auto rental company looking for a carrier to transport its latest shipment of cars can connect with a driver or dispatcher through online load boards.
Photo from © Joe_Potato


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


What are they looking for?  We’ve been noticing that numerous auto shipping brokers (aka auto transport brokers) have been attempting to join a select group for professional staff from auto transport carriers that we watch over. While we appreciate, enjoy and see the significance auto shipping brokers bring to people needing assistance with their auto shipping requirements and needs that particular group is not intended for the brokers. There is better ways for auto transport brokers to connect and receive carrier rates from the carriers, after all is not that what they’re looking for?

Stay and follow along, you’ll see it’s good for you.

CarrierRates technology is focused on facilitating the auto shipping process online for auto transport carriers, independent car dealers, single rooftop franchised car dealerships, small and large auto groups. Applying internet technology to auto shipping improves the process and also reduces cost and transit times.

What we're saying when we use the phrase “facilitating the auto shipping process” is we make it very damn quick and easy for the dealers to “post” their vehicle shipping requirements and needs (2 minutes) to literally hundreds of carriers in exchange for carrier rates directly back from the carriers that also include estimated pickup and delivery dates and are commonly referred to as their "bid". Hence dealers post, carriers bid.

Now then for you, (the auto shipping broker) here’s the best way for you to connect with them (the auto transport carriers). It’s good and easy for you too. The best way is through CarrierRates. It’s good for you because CarrierRates is a neutral platform (not a carrier..not a broker). Remember earlier we mentioned we appreciate auto shipping brokers and we do because we chose not to engage working with the general public and appreciate the professional skill set required of quality and reputable auto shipping brokers, making this possible and good for both of us too.

We also feel it is best for the general public too, to arrange auto shipping with a quality and reputable auto shipping broker, as the general public who need auto shipping services predominantly have busy schedules compounded with limited knowledge of the complexities involved with this narrow industry. And for this is why we understand the significance of you the auto shipping brokers. Thank you.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Car Dealers Comptroll Auto Shipping Online

Dealers take control easily in 2012 of all their regional and long distance auto shipping online with CarrierRates auto shipping logistics. Perfectly suited for independent car dealers, single rooftop franchised dealerships, small auto groups, and/or large auto groups. Please take a moment and read the images then check us out.