Friday, July 24, 2009

DAA Northwest Rock in Roll Sale is still on my mind

DAA Northwest Rock in Roll Sale is still on my mind

Well it has been a week now sense attended the dealers auto auction in Spokane, what an incredible event, we give it 5 stars. With more and more auto dealers taking advantage of dealers online auction buying through such sites as, we recommend you take a break, get away from the desk and go to this one. It is well worth it, why the catered dinner even included Prime Rib.

Oh of course, it is business and while there are car dealers able to take advantage of a huge selection of vehicles available, there are so many to consider at the Rock in Roll sale it is a 2 day event.

I’m certain a lot of long distance car dealers struggle with making various arrangements to attend such a great event, one of them being how to ship vehicles purchased resourcefully. This one happens to be easy, all dealers have to do is post their cars on to start receiving auto transport carriers bids. empowers auto dealers and allows them to spend their valuable time enjoying more while at the same time save on their auto transport shipping cost and service through the bid process.

Visit to learn more or contact us by phone 206 388-3778 or email at looks forward to seeing you at the next DAA Northwest Rock in Roll sale.

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