Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back in the day, shipping a car

Back in the day, shipping a car could be an all-day affair. In those days shipping information was provided to auto transport carriers by phone, a time consuming process that adversely impacts the dealerships bottom line. Next, dealerships and auto transport carriers employed the fax machine that allowed car shipping details to be sent electronically, reducing the dealers time spent passing vehicle transport details helping the auto dealership experience a savings to assist that all important bottom line, but still a slow process with the potential for errors through poor hand writing.

Now CarreirRates.com online auto transport information and management system are on the screen, offering dealers who use them an advantage over other dealers at the low and slow end of the technological gap. CarrierRates.com logistic system offer speed, access to an ever increasing number of auto transport carriers and an ease of use that makes each vehicle move a pleasure for both dealer and auto transport carrier.

A highly notable feature of CarrierRates.com, according to John Skelton, is its independence that is, the logistic system does not automatically push dealers toward particular auto transport carriers. But, one of many CarrierRates.com great features is the biding process that provides the benefit of dealerships receiving their best price. CarrierRates.com also saves less easily measured, but still real costs of auto shipping problems, including employees time and extra steps related to dealer hard cost.

Skelton says CarrierRates.com offers all automotive dealers an integrated suite of web based auto transport shipping logistic solutions that allows participants to reduce auto transport shipping cost and processing time.

CarreirRates.com provides dealers and other auto shipping customers with the best auto transport shipping logistic system, says John Skelton, Founder of CarrierRates.com.

CarreirRates.com is so easy and inexpensive to use that even only shipping 1 car per month will save you time and money.

John Skelton can be contacted at
jskelton@carrierrates.com or by phone at 206 388-3778

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