Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seattle, WA CarrierRates.com Week 5 Discussion - Spiritual cars

Do you remember? Spiritual cars of the sixties and seventies are climbing in value all the time. I’m sure many of you took your Valentine to somewhere special on that romantic day in one of these cars.

Are there any new cars that fit that mold? I don’t think so. Oh sure you have the expensive sports cars now, but we’ve always had these. I’m talking about the family car that dad brought and of course, he had to get the biggest engine available. Imagine my delight at being just 16 and seeing dad pull up in his new 1968 Chrysler Town or Country station wagon with a gas guzzling 440-c.i. engine under the hood! Never mind that your neighbor had only a “383” in his car!

It was a period in time that came and went in a flash and will never come again. Remember ordering all the features on your car. This produced the term “fully-loaded”.

How about 0-60 in six seconds? Friday nights were a dream, as long as the police weren’t involved. Ten miles to the gallon didn’t matter. Gas was only 39.9 cents a gallon!

These times were filled with a wonderful felling of irresponsibility. Some of us wonder why we’re still alive. Did we have some good times in life? You bet! Would we like to see these times come back again? I sincerely hope not.

Next week: Presidents and cars.

We here at CarrierRates hope you have a meaningful and successful week.

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Isa D. said...

I didn't grow up here to witness the American "good old days", but it did look good from overseas, watching movies filled with Americana -including the old classic cars- Thanks for sharing that thought. Although, is it realy better now?