Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seattle, WA CarrierRates.com Week 6 Discussion - Presidents’ cars

Do you know who was the first president that rode in an automobile? It was William McKinley, riding in a Locomobile (What a name!) in 1899, and driven by its inventor F. O. Stanley (you know the Stanley Steamer). When Roosevelt became president, he shunned the car because he rode horses. Finally, Taft started the ball rolling by ordering 10 autos for the Whitehouse staff, which request was promptly rejected by congress!

All of this brings me to a point. Look at the influence of the presidency. The first lady buys a gown. The rest of the country wants one right away. Taft buys cars (he eventually got them) and instantly everyone wants one. Obama gets a Portuguese Water Dog. Now everyone wants one! It doesn’t end. Look me straight in the eye. Tell me the president doesn’t have any influence. By the way, is anyone out there interested in my Locomobile?

Next week: Touting our Horn.

We here at CarrierRates hope you have a meaningful and successful week.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was a typo, but the word is "By", not "Buy".

CarrierRates.com said...

At Anonymous

Thank you, we did that to see if anyone would notice. (smile)