Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seattle, WA Week 11 Discussion - Cooking a Chicken on your Manifold?!

Do you have an oven? Of course you do! You drive it everyday. No, I’m not nuts This all started for me when I was about eight years old. A group of my friends and my parents all got into our 1958 Ford Fairlane station wagon and headed up to Mt. Rainier for a picnic. I noticed something being put under the hood and asked what it was. It was a chicken wrapped in foil and it was being placed between the manifold and the firewall where it’s very hot, so it could cook on our drive up to the mountain! Naturally, I thought this was about the silliest thing I had ever heard. When we arrived at our site, the chicken was brought out. To my amazement, it was perfectly done, extremely moist, and tender. Talk about innovation! Of course, I made jokes about it. When gas stations were still “full service” I’d ask the attendant if he would wash the windows and check the chicken! Everyone would laugh at that corny joke. There was a book published called “Manifold Destiny” that talked all about cooking on your manifold. For sure this was an energy saver! By the way, cooking like this does wonders for Cornish Game Hens!

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