Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mr. Dealer, Do You Experience This Pain?

The automotive industry spent a lot of time and resources over the past 15 years on embracing technology for retail sales. Now, they are looking for meaningful technology to embrace the back end of their operations.

In their quest, they have discovered online wholesale auction buying websites. Dealers are now searching and buying inventory at a greater pace than ever before through wholesale websites. This wholesale buying technology is proving to be good for them as their provided the ability to locate and buy inventory nationwide right from a computer devise from wherever their comfort zone. This is great.

However, this technology is causing changes on how auto shipping handled. For instance most dealers have one to several preferred carriers they ship with on a regular basis and route. That’s good. However, those carriers’ are often regional carriers and do not operate in many of the areas the dealers is now buying from. Furthermore, dealers inventory needs are not completely available at their long-established auctions anymore, forcing them to more often buy less-than-load at various actions across the country, making partial loads more present than ever before. This trend appears to be here to stay and is where dealers and carriers need to work together through technology to boost dealers’ delivery times.

What we here at CarrierRates would like to know from you is where do you experience your most pain with auto shipping? For example is it the amount of time it takes you to locate an available carrier, poor communication, delivery time, shipping cost, and so on…

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