Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Auto Transport Supply, Demand and You

A decade ago OEMs’ where concerned on how auto transport trailer manufactures could keep up with demand. Today the automotive industry is concerned about the lack of car hauler drivers, as many of them have left the auto transport industry during the downturn.

With so many changes over the past decade, we need to collectively balance things out. Collectively together we can improve this poor utilization of man and machine, resulting in so many positive ways for all parties involved. And is exactly what CarrierRates main mission is to do, bring people together and help them achieve their goals.

For example at a car dealership, a car sales consultants may not know how auto shipping effects them professionally and personally. …Until s/he needs to have a sold vehicle shipped, a long distance to the car lot quickly, for delivery to customer resulting in commissions paid on their next check.

Shouldn’t you be thinking collectively …with CarrierRates

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