Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poll: In today’s U.S. market, what distant would you say dealers are willing to purchase used inventory?



Anonymous said...

Why would you offer lower rates to dealers when they make so much money on one vehicle then look for cheap auto transporters to only further their profits. Carriers all over the US should increase their prices to dealers across the board, and NOT OFFER cheap auto transport. These drivers work hard and need to get paid more money for the loads they accept from dealers. Charge the dealers a higher price, they make anywhere from $1500 to $3000 per vehicle if not more then want their cars transported for $300 per vehicle. It's not fair.

CarrierRates auto shipping technology said...

Yes! Good point. The drivers do work hard ..very hard and I agree they need to get paid more money. For that is one of the reasons this site was built.

See a lot of these hard working car haulers have no real means of knowing what's available to place a bid on, they just simply can not see it, and often end up driving their equipment empty, long distances to re-load. It just does-not make any sense to do this in today's environment.

This is one of many elements that we have been working on to solve so carriers can be compensated at a higher level via less empty miles.

Calvin Brock said...

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