Friday, January 8, 2010

“For Car Dealers and Auto Remarketers Who Deserve the Ultimate Work Saving, Bid Generating Short-Cuts…But Don’t Have Years To Assemble A Nationwide-Class Auto Transport Shipping Logistics System”

Dear Dealer/ Auto Remarketer Colleague,

It does not matter if you’re a major auto group, a small auto dealer or somewhere in between.

We all face the same problem of staring at the walls and wondering…”Where do I start?”

At times, all it takes is one good call to set the vehicles in motion on the fast track.

Grab hold of the right call and your vehicle shipment can almost fly.

Place the wrong calls and you can wake up one morning to the painful realization that you’ve spent days on purchasing vehicles that’s are not going anywhere.

For decades, the way to the auto shipping carriers has been a high end time consuming state of affairs for dealers and auto remarketers and it also came at a high cost.

And now, not only is it better and faster but it’s a lot cheaper.

I’ve turned CarrierRates into a membership website and for less than a tank of gas, you can access thousands of car haulers for auto transport carrier rates, availability, scheduling, and tracking to controls auto transport shipping. For a measly $20 bucks a month and a small transaction posting fee you can wrap up your auto shipping problems in the blink of an eye.

The goal is simple:

Tap a wealth of auto transport carriers, ship faster and make more cash.

I’m revving up like never before and offering you 6 months free unlimited posting when you register and enter this code Linked6months in the promotional code box at registration for our yearly plan of $240.

With one exception, you’ll have to accept the offer before Friday January 15 2009 at 10:00 pm PST.


Just enter Linked6months in the promotional code box to receive your 6 month free unlimited posting, Click Join Now

Yours truly for smoother moves,


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