Thursday, January 7, 2010

Page Review: How One Car Dealer Made Effective Use Of Their Facebook Page

By Nick O'Neil

While most small businesses set up a Facebook Page and immediately begin recruiting their friends as fans, one Minnesota based car dealer has integrated their entire lot inventory directly into their Facebook Page. Using the GOSO platform, BMW of Minnetonka has published their full inventory to their Facebook Page. Will this drive them more fans? Not necessarily but it definitely brings visitors more information about the company. We’ll go over some of the things this car dealer did right and those things they did wrong in this article.

Good Facebook Page Strategies

For a small business, BMW of Minnetoka has a pretty nice Facebook Page. One of the best features of the Page is the image that they used, as it takes up a large amount of the space available to them. Many companies fail to create an effective image for their Facebook Page. While it would be great to see a call to action within their Facebook Page image, it’s not a necessity as they can put a call to action elsewhere on the Facebook Page. The inventory display on this Facebook Page is extremely slick and if I were a car dealer, I’d definitely want to have whatever this company has.
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