Monday, February 1, 2010

This is the year for auto transport carriers to begin to succeed again…

For Immediate Release:

Seattle, WA – The dust has not settled from the explosion that we all encountered in recent years. It’s time to concentrate on our individual profit margins. Discovering new means to accomplish this is at hand.

This is a great time for carriers because each one of you has a new place to start! It’s incredibly exciting when you have a whole new way of doing business THAT HAS JUST RECENTLY BECOME A TEAM DRIVEN PRODUCT! Electronics and technology came at an enormous expense to the automotive industry to improve the way we do business. The time has come where two forward thinking automotive industry visionaries team up to merge their respective technology to increase dealers and auto transport carriers’ profit margins. It has come at us like the Starship Enterprise!

As one of my former technology employees mentioned, “the automotive industry is extremely slow-moving in embracing innovation.” In this new wave of doing business it is absolutely imperative for dealers and carriers to accept this marvelous progress. The infrastructure has been put in place through USBuyBid and CarrierRates and is READILY AVAILABLE!

USBuyBid is a new company, poised to revolutionize the auto wholesaling industry and was created with dealers in mind. Using USBuyBid licensed dealers and wholesalers here in the U.S. will benefit enormously with these systems. Dealers disposing of excess inventory or increasing their used vehicle inventory, now have a nationwide network of dealerships and wholesalers at their fingertips, helping them maximize their bottom-line.

CarrierRates teamed up with USBuyBid to provide the technology system for dealers and auto transport carriers to conduct professional auto transport logistics through the Internet.

Through this new automotive industry match, dealers will be able, through USBuyBid, to dramatically reduce the amount of cost incurred via auto auctions in disposing of or increasing their inventory. Auto transport carriers will be able to dramatically reduce their labor costs, while at the same time procuring new business.

By embracing the technology at hand with these two outstanding grassroots companies, you will save thousands of dollars each year, move your business forward faster than ever before, and have the competitive edge over those carriers that don’t embrace this new technology. Welcome to the year 2010!

Registered CarrierRates Auto transport carriers are to go to and update your company profile, fleet information and check to make sure your Certificate of Insurance on file is current.

Un-registered auto transport carriers and encouraged to go to and register today!

We here at hope you all have a meaningful & successful week.

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