Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seattle, WA CarrierRates.com - Who’s making the calls?

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Thank you to those of you that are emailing us with questions. The main question so far has been “As a shipper I’ve been using the phone to call carriers that I’ve used in the past to pickup and transport my vehicles. What is the advantage to me using CarrierRates?”

The question you have to ask yourself is “Am I getting the best price I could be getting on my shipments?” CarrierRates will do this. When was the last time you sat at the telephone and called 50 carriers, as an example, and asked them what price they would charge to go from Point A to Point B? Quite a while ago, I’ll bet. MORE NEXT WEEK!

Follow-up from last weeks’ discussion:

As we said last week, more professional dealers are using the world-wide-web through LinkedIn and other sites. Just last week we made an amazing contact on LinkedIn to a site called USBuyBid.com. As an auto dealer I would move this site to the top of my list. Try it and you’ll see why.

We here at CarrierRates.com hope you all have a meaningful & successful week.

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