Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Seattle, WA CarrierRates.com Week 9 Discussion - Colors? Who Wouda Thought?

Colors? Who wouda thought? Remember the millionaires' cars? The Duesenbergs, Mercedes, Bugattis, etc? Black? Not a chance! The wealthy people wanted these cars to stand out. It's the same adage that I said before. If the first lady gets a gown then all of America wants one also. The first colors on cars came along in 1927 and was an option (Not a cheap one either) on the American made LaSalle. Obviously, your car stood out from the others. Probably an excellent safety factor!!

One coat of paint was what you got creating the "Springer Spaniel" effect after about five years of ownership. Of course, the expensive autos listed above had many coats of paint. Oh well. What's an $800 option to those who had millions?

Nowadays you can pick almost any color that exists, as long as the car company makes that color. I'm pretty tight. If I can save a dollar and have an ugly putrid green color on my car I'll buy it. Now what was it above that I said about standing out? Ah, I love the attention!!

Next week: Eisenhower, a car, and an ISR

We here at CarrierRates hope you have a meaningful and successful week.

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