Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This Women Got My Attention

By John Skelton

When we start to read something, it has to grab us fast, sometime we do not even know that it has grab us until days later. This is nothing new, however the amount of information available to us today coming so fast through internet technology has become a job in and of itself to process quickly. For me I may hang on a bit longer than most in reading some of the information once it grab me. Yes! I must admit at time I feel foolish for spending a fair amount of my time reading. Only until I come across that article that make me want to come out of my skin. This only happens when I read articles that interest me plus the writer(s) words resonates with me.

Now with me being in auto shipping technology I have a tenancies to read a lot about car dealers, OEM’s, wholesale auto auctions, car rentals, dealer technology providers, etc… Recently I was doing some reading over on DealerElite and came across a group called Nothing but Net and started to do some quick reading. Well hours later I wanted more than was there.

This women writing on Nothing but Net is beyond most anything else I have ever read in regards to trying to help car dealers improve their bottom line. Her name is Nancy Simmons and she is a long time car dealer comptroller. The only thing I could find missing from Nothing but Net was mass car dealer principals, comptrollers, GM’s, GSM’s, USM’s to provide insightful information to her writings. Folks this is a forward thinking women and not only does she get it, she doing it “coopertition”. I encourage you to cruise on over to DealerElite and do a little headline reading in the group titled Noting but Net. Once that happens, I feel you to will be amazed and join like I did. Plus you will help make me feel a little less foolish.

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